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Weigh of the World...

Matthew 11:28 " Come to me, all you who are weary and burden,  and I will give you rest"

Spiritually drained,
going to see Jesus,
my heart is in pain.

Striving for perfection,
fell short from grace,
today was a waste.

Tomorrow is here,
I'm full of shame,
lacked wisdom and hope,
came to a fork on the road.

I came to see Jesus,
with the weigh of the world,
I am unworthy,
to be near the son of a King.

Jesus speaks,
" My father above,
wants you to know
You are still loved.

You're face is soaked,
you're not alone,
my Father knows
and you have grown.

In his thrown,
his heart ached,
and now you are awake.

He is pleased to see,
you passed the test,
sit with me and now rest."

I was loved from the start...

Matthew 19:6 "The two shall become one—no longer two, but one! And no man may divorce what God has joined together.”

I was loved from the start, 
it was challenging to see.

every day, every night, 
I prayed someone to love me. 

Couples formed and they moved on,
I stand and wonder where's my match, 
every day I pray every night I cry, 
Sometimes the enemy attacked with a lie. 

Daily doubts,
Weekly fears,
Every now and then,
Shedding more tears.

My daughter, be patient,
I'm working on you both,
your hearts  are healing, 
from the past  grieving. 

For now read my words, 
let your fears fly like birds,
Your growing in faith, 
for now just wait. 

I love you My God,
You formed me to be odd, 
my ways to express, 
even my heart, 
I should have known, 
I was loved from the start.