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Brand New Day...

Luke 1:78-79

A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful. He will give light to those who live in the dark and in death's shadow. He will guide us into the way of peace. 

Brand new day, 
brand new time,
yesterday is done, 
time to move on. 

Today is the present, 
today you are here, 
today you can, 
today you will. 

It was dark and gloomy, 
it was depressing,
it was yesterday,
and today is a new blessing.

This day this moment, 
this very second,
If you feel bored, 
Talk to our Lord. 

The day seem unclear, 
but it's here, 
time you chase, 
Don't worry about tomorrow, 
God always gives grace. 

The day is ending, 
the sun starts to set, 
today is almost done, 
today was great.

Now you plan the next day, 
not sure what's on your path,
don't worry about the events,
you did what you could, no laments.

The sun finally sets, 
you go to bed, 
time to close your eyes, 
time to rest. 

Tomorrow will be a new day, 
tomorrow will become today, 
tomorrow will bring more joy, 
tomorrow …

Fiery Wings

On fiery wings you fly,
Lighting up the sky.
Igniting life,
With purpose and strive.

No other could leave such shine,
No other could give such healing,
Overall cause a deep feeling.

Stirred emotions, many dreams,
many challenges,
God's light beams,
Leaving a gleam in your eyes.

One way or another,
God will help you,
Just fly in the path,
Of truth and life.


At the opening of the box,
at first sight I see, my grandmothers belongings,
the linger starts in my heart. 
Subtle, soft and delicate,  the scent of comfort and love. aroma of flowers and hand lotion.
Memories flood like an overflowing river.  Tears trickle down my cheeks, at the flashbacks in my mind. 
The nights sharing tea, the days drinking coffee.  The moments shared,  youth and wisdom found common ground. 
What was is no more,  all that is left is the memories,  and the scent that lingers. 
For my grandmother Martha Morales, who was an inspirational woman...

Out of the Deep

Through suffocating tunnels,
deep valleys and never ending hills,
buried under mountains of bills.

Sleepless nights,
anxious days,
always in a daze.

Lost and found,
gaining pound after pound,
always walking with a frown.

Unhappy, sad, and at times upset,
each day brings more issues,
each month more concerns,
inside I feel the constant burn.

In the deep,
not asleep,
lost like a sheep.

I heard a voice,
and had a choice,
now I can rejoice.

I'm out of the deep,
took one leap of faith,
The Lord saith,
This will go away.

Out of the deep,
not in depression,
I don't have to worry,
I am not scared,
I have been spared.

Feeling loved,
feeling Safe,
Jesus Christ,
Paid the price.

Out of the deep,
I'm the sheep that was found,
in my woes I no longer drown.